gyikWhat does the rent include?

The rent usually includes a standard fit-out of the offices. This means standard gypsum board walls partitioned as required by the tenant, standard doors, painting of the walls, high-voltage network, lighting and carpeting, card access system to the building, intercom system, HVAC system, fire protection with smoke detectors.

What do the service charges include?

The service charges include all utility type costs like electricity, water, gas, garbage collection, cleaning of the commonly used areas, gardening, maintenance, repairs and all the fees, taxes that are necessary for the running of the offices.

In addition to the rent and the service charges what other costs have to be taken into consideration?

Tenants need to bring their own furniture in the offices including the kitchen furniture and shading. Tenants shall take care of their own low voltage network and their own access, alarm and security system of the exclusively used offices. Telephone, internet costs and the cleaning costs of their own offices are paid by the tenants independent of the service charges as well as all costs required for their own business activity.

How long does it take to complete a new office?

This depends very much on the complexity of the fitout, but as an average we can hand over an office within 4-6 weeks from the signing of the lease, the payment of the deposit and the final approval of the fitout plan.

Is it possible to rent storage places in the buildings?

Places have been appointed for this purpose in the basements under the office buildings.

What is the interior height in the offices and the garages?

2.9 m in the offices and 2.1 m in the garages.

What are the advantages of the office park?

One of the most important advantages of Terrapark, as compared to downtown offices, is the lower rent and service charges. The modern, high-level buildings, peacefulness, fresh air, green surroundings all contribute to the popularity of the Budaörs office park. All the buildings are equipped with the modernist technology, so they create an ideal environment for working. In addition, the nearby shopping centres make it easy for those working here to carry out everyday duties.

How do I get to Terrapark?

Terrapark is easy to access either by car or by public transport. The office park lies by the M1/M7 motorways thus making it really simple to access by car. By public transport one can get to Terrapark using bus Number 240 leaving from Móricz Zsigmond körtér in every 5 minutes, or by bus Number 40 from Kelenföld Metro Station, or there is the Terrapark shuttle bus that stops at various points of Buda and Pest to take people to Terrapark directly.

What services are provided by Terrapark?

The office park is not merely offices or workplaces. It is much more than that. The offices can be formed to suit the needs of the tenants. Most of these fitout works are done by the office park. Terrapark offers their tenants possibility for growing within the park. Free advertising is offered for tenants in the regularly published TerraNews magazine. Security service, 24-hour reporting and hotline and building management system ensure an ideal working environment. If you want to have lunch, you will find cafés and restaurants here, if you want to do sports, you will find a fitness club within the park. The area is quiet and peaceful to ensure the best conditions for working.

What are the features of the buildings?

All the buildings are air-conditioned, well insulated and properly illuminated. All units have the appropriate number and size tea kitchen and bathrooms. The modern office areas are all suitable for flexible partitioning and cabling, have ISDN telephone lines and optical cables. Storage and parking facilities are available within the park.

What kinds of offices are to be rented?

The smallest size of offices for rent is 15 sqm.