kornyezetTerrapark has numerous advantages thanks to its closeness to the capital. Modern offices are waiting here for their tenants and the property managers do their best to fulfil all requirements for everyone to find their most suitable offices.

Environmentally Sound Office Park at a Popular Location

As opposed to downtown, thanks to the microclimate of the area tenants can expect lower costs here. Why is it so? Because the temperature in summer for example is lower in and around Budaörs than in the downtown of Budapest. The difference is only a few degrees, but it is well indicated by the lower costs of air-conditioning.


The office park meets the technical requirements of “green buildings”, so it is more environmental friendly than the traditional office buildings. Today companies all tend to incorporate environment protection and awareness in their philosophy. A green office has several advantages like reduced CO2 emission, healthier working environment, selective garbage collection, recycling, energy saving etc.


Terrapark is easy to access thanks to its perfect location. The infrastructure of the area is highly developed, so everything is given for the creation of a modern, satisfactory workplace in the office park in Budaörs.


Those, for whom environmental efficiency, easy access and quiet but highly developed environment is an important factor, will find their ideal offices in Terrapark.